About Definitions Private Gyms

When we started Definitions in 1983 our concept was simple: treat clients as individuals, provide top-notch trainers with a passion for what they do, and create small, personal-training-only gyms.

Whether you are looking to challenge a stale exercise program, tackle specific health issues, or finally wanting to get in the best shape of your life, we absolutely can help you. Our trainers’ expertise, dedication and personal focus are second to none. We can proudly say that we offer New York’s most elite personal training in the city’s most advanced training facilities.

We welcome you to tour our gyms and, if you’d like, try a complimentary fitness consultation. This valuable tool will allow a trainer assess your muscle strength and imbalances, your body composition, and your endurance and provide an opportunity for you to learn what a customized training regimen can do for you.

In addition to the benefit of no crowds, waits, or distractions in our impeccable, private gyms all Definitions clients enjoy access to private showers and dressing rooms, reserved locker space, and complimentary laundry and towel service.

If you’re serious about life-changing fitness, Definitions is for you.