Cognitive Training

We’re proud to be the only gyms in the country with a CogniCage. Besides being an excellent training tool for conditioning and coordination, research suggests that this type of "cognitive training" can improve memory perception and reaction time in every day tasks as well.

To achieve this we employ three core values: Evaluate, Customize, Communicate.

Functional, Randomized Training

Training in the CogniCage is unlimited. Simulate real life movements for your sport or training: vertical jumps, plyometrics, agility & speed, HIIT, multi-method training and individual/partner training are just a few of the many drills that you can participate in.

360° Multisensory Training

The CogniCage requires you to focus your full attention on training. It is proven to improve spatial awareness, auditory skills, peripheral vision, and reaction time under strenuous conditions.

Fun, Interactive Experiences

This immersive training system is fun and incites competitiveness. Although the CogniCage is hard work, it’s so much fun. After each session you’ll want to jump straight back in.

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