Definitions Private Trainers

Our highly-trained exercise specialists are our strongest assets and greatest investments. Each of our trainers shows up ready to rally, challenge, and support you — responding to what you bring to the mat each session but with a keen attention to your long-term goals. We listen to you and create a smart, customized training program designed to elevate daily life beyond your expectations. We are energized by the motto #TrainToLive.

Definitions trainers are sourced from the most respected Exercise Science programs in the country, and with either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Each trainer completes 100 hours of mandatory in-house training that is heavily influenced by The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and Functional Movement Systems (FMS).

Just as our trainers bring extensive practical kinesthetic knowledge and are passionate about pushing the body and mind potential, our clientele runs the gamut of high-achieving individuals from senior management and entrepreneurs, to artists and celebrities. All share a common desire to be their absolute best.


Our entire staff is fully vaccinated (and you should be too) and 100% committed to providing you with a safe, secure environment to workout in.